A hearty congratulations on your brand new investment! Now it is time to get it kitted out with all of the important navigation equipment and tech that you will need to really make the most of it. Below is a quick round-up of the leading three essential products to look for. 

A Chartplotter

A chartplotter is also commonly referred to as a multi function device or MFD. It is the device that will assist with marine navigation by integrating GPS data with an electronic navigational chart. It is essential to invest in a quality chartplotter for peace of mind and to keep issues to a minimum when you are out at sea. Just remember that if your chartplotter does fail for whatever reason, you can replace it temporarily with a navigation app on a mobile device. 

Fixed-Mount VHF Radio

When investing in a VHF radio, a fixed-mount design is definitely your best bet. This is because it is likely to have a much longer range than a handheld device. Look for a 25 W unit with at least a 4-foot antenna, and be sure to mount it up high on the boat for best results. 


A sonar, otherwise known as an echo sounder or depth sounder, is another must-have for effective marine navigation. It is used to determine the depth of the water below the yacht. Some high quality models make it possible to visualize objects, such as fish, too. Essentially, echo sounders are a charting and navigational piece of tech, and are also invaluable to fishermen looking for the best spots to reel in something impressive. 

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