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Siebert Yacht Management is more than just the preeminent yacht management company in Florida, we’re also an authorized yacht service center ready to tackle any yacht challenges you’re currently facing. Being an authorized yacht service center, Siebert Yacht Management has been endorsed by the industry as a reputable, reliable center where yacht owners can get world-class service at competitive prices.

Siebert Yacht Management offers a wide range of yacht services for an even wider range of yacht brands. As an authorized yacht service center, we’re capable of delivering support and warranty services for all the brands we’re recognized by. That’s atop our offering yacht services using the finest products and materials in the yacht industry to all builds and brands.

Siebert Yacht Management’s authorized yacht service center can help with just about any issues you’re having with your yacht – including all of the following:

When it comes to finding the right authorized yacht service center in or around Jupiter, Florida – one with the skill and experience necessary to do an exemplary job – look no further than Siebert Yacht Management. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can take care of any issues that arise with your yacht at competitive prices found nowhere else in Florida. We offer all the following services:

We offer all the following services:

  • Yacht Consulting
  • Yacht Sales & Service
  • New Yacht Builds
  • New Yacht Commissioning
  • Yacht Tender Service
  • Yacht Maintenance
  • Yacht Detailing
  • Yacht Refitting
  • Captain Services
  • Project Management
  • Boatyard Service
  • Diesel Engine Maintenance & Repair
  • Volvo & IPS Pod Service
  • AC & Refrigeration
  • Electronic Sales & Installation
  • Propellor & Shaft Service
  • Fiberglass Repair – Cosmetic & Structural
  • Transmission Service & Maintenance
  • Yacht Canvas & Upholstery
  • Fine Carpentry & Cabinetry
  • Varnish & Paint Service
  • Underwater Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Antifouling Application
  • Mobile Service


If you need excellence in all phases of yacht service then there’s one yacht management company you can rely on above all others in Florida – Siebert Yacht Management. We’re the authorized yacht service center preferred by yacht owners who care about quality, value and integrity – not to mention competitive prices. Get more information by calling (561) 747-6499 today!

Sabre Yachts Authorized Service Center

Founded in 1970, Sabre Yachts is an incredible company with even more incredible yachts. For Sabre yacht owners in South Florida, there’s only one authorized service center and one certified team of technicians they trust with their service and repair projects – Siebert Yacht Management. We’re highly experienced in handling service and repair projects, as well as upgrades and refits, for all of the amazing yacht models. We also offer mobile yacht services for Sabre Yachts so we can come to you when you need us.

38 Salon Express

43 Salon Express

45 Salon Express

48 Salon Express

48 Fly Bridge

58 Salon Express

Back Cove Yachts Authorized Service Center

As a sister company to Sabre Yachts, Back Cove started off building amazing vessels in 2003 and we’ve been proud to be an authorized service center for their yachts for almost as long. We offer all the services you’ll need to keep your Back Cove yacht going strong throughout its lifetime – from routine maintenance to warranty service, custom refits to marine engine repair. We offer mobile Back Cove yacht service that covers most of South Florida too so we can be wherever you need us in no time at all.


Back Cove 372

Back Cove 34O

Back Cove 39O

“We go the extra mile with every step we take to ensure our finished projects exceed client expectations – something the competition can’t match”

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