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Owner: John Siebert Work Experience

John Siebert’s passion and experience for engines started when he was twelve years old repairing lawn mower engines. After working with small engines for a few years he became intrigued by his father’s boat that had been sitting for years in the driveway. John saw a challenge with a larger engine and decided to tackle it. John’s father was very upset to come home from work and find that John had taken the boats small block Chevy V-8 engine apart, but was very relieved when John got it running again. John rebuilt a larger more powerful engine to replace the existing one. The day when John turned the key and the engine fired up he was hooked. After sea trialing the boat he started using it recreationally with friends, and from there he knew the marine industry was his future.

John studied small engines during his freshman year of high school. He also studied automotive throughout high school where he maintained straight A’s. When he was 15 he started working at Irwin Yacht Works in Redbank, New Jersey. He started working as a yacht maintenance/ mechanics helper. A year later he moved up to rig new Bayliner boats, prep for delivery, and deliver them to clients. Irwin Yacht Works trained him in Force outboards, Mercury outboards, Mercruiser, and US marine. During this time John was still in high school and was taking vocational marine training. John began working as a full time marine technician for Irwin Yacht Works when he graduated from school.

A few years later, John wanted more of a challenge. He sought out larger yachts and marinas in south New Jersey. John was hired at Clark’s Landing Marina in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. There he started work as an apprentice/ marine technician. A short time after employment, John became a technician. Clark Marina sent him to Mercruiser, Mercury marine, and Johnson outboard school where he became a certified technician. During this time John also attended night school where he was training as an ASE and diesel mechanic.

A couple years later John was offered a technician position at Suburban Boat Works. The service manager saw the potential John had and allowed him to grow with experience and unlimited training. After a year of employment John became a certified master technician. He also became the head technician for Suburban.

Years later John wanted to work closer to home and was offered a job at Oceanic Marina in Runson New Jersey. He became the service manager and technician that ran the service department. John continued to further his knowledge by keeping up with the training needed to remain a certified technician. A few years later John again, wanted more for himself.

In 2001 John opened Bay Breeze Marine service and began his journey to self- employment. Bay Breeze was a mobile service that mainly serviced Mercury outboards, Mercruiser, and diesel engines. John’s business grew quickly. John ran Bay Breeze for a few years before he was offered a part time position at Oceanport Marina in Oceanport New Jersey. He was offered a steady work position as well as benefits. John accepted the position only if he was able to continue to build his own company. John was able to continue his training and grow his company while working for Oceanport. The owner of Oceanport wanted John to work full time and be a service manager/ technician. After a year with Oceanport, and a good offer, John accepted the position. John still ran Bay Breeze after hours. After a couple of years, John wanted to move on and get back into new boats, but this time he wanted to work on real yachts.

The owner of Sandy Hook Yacht Sales and John knew each other for years and he always wanted John to work for him. John always turned him down because they rigged new yachts and installed electronics. At that time John’s passion was with engines. The owner of Sandy Hook pursued John and gave him an offer he could not refuse. John accepted the technician position, knowing he could continue his education as a marine technician and extend his knowledge to marine electronics.This is where John was introduced to Sabre Yachts. The owner of Sandy Hook encouraged John to start installing the electronics on new yachts. John was apprehensive at first, but became extremely interested in it. During his employment at Sandy Hook, John still ran Bay Breeze after hours. John gained training and was certified a Yamaha technician. Later he was certified as a Yamaha service manager. Sandy Hook Yacht Sales happened to have a sister company Jupiter Yacht Sales, located in Jupiter Florida. Jupiter Yacht Sales did not have a service department and only subcontracted their new yacht commissioning out. John asked the owner of Sandy Hook if they could open a service department, being that he eventually knew he would be moving to Florida. The owner of Sandy Hook thought it was a great idea and plans begun. John started working for Jupiter Yacht Sales during the winter and later that year John bought a house in Florida and moved down a year later. John closed Bay Breeze when he moved to Florida in 2005.

John worked full time for Jupiter Yacht Sales as a service manager and service technician. John was outfitting Sabre yachts and Backcove Yachts with electronics and custom installations. A year later John faced a major challenge when he was told the company was closing. John was very concerned being a new home owner and being in a new location without knowing a lot of people in the area. That’s when he opened Siebert Yacht Management.

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