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Siebert Yacht Management is the premier yacht management company in South Florida offering affordable and impactful yacht services to owners of all makes and models. Our team boasts an incredibly diverse set of skills and a willingness to go to any lengths to see our clients satisfied with the results. That means our goal with every client we work for, every project we undertake, is complete and total customer satisfaction.

Luckily for yacht owners all around the world, Siebert Yacht Management is ready, willing and able to provide world-class yacht services whenever they need them – and that includes yacht owners throughout the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Some of the more prominent cities where you can get our brand of yacht management, sales and service include:

If you’re a yacht owner in or around Jupiter, Florida then it’s obvious that Siebert Yacht Management is the right choice for all your yacht service and sales needs. However, those outside the city can still rely on Siebert Yacht Management for a wide variety of yacht specialties. These specialties include all of the yacht services you see outlined below:

  • Yacht Consulting
  • Yacht Sales & Service
  • New Yacht Builds
  • New Yacht Commissioning
  • Yacht Tender Service
  • Yacht Maintenance
  • Yacht Detailing
  • Yacht Refitting
  • Captain Services
  • Project Management
  • Boatyard Service
  • Diesel Engine Maintenance & Repair
  • Volvo & IPS Pod Service
  • AC & Refrigeration
  • Electronic Sales & Installation
  • Propellor & Shaft Service
  • Fiberglass Repair – Cosmetic & Structural
  • Transmission Service & Maintenance
  • Yacht Canvas & Upholstery
  • Fine Carpentry & Cabinetry
  • Varnish & Paint Service
  • Underwater Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Antifouling Application
  • Mobile Service

If you need excellence in all phases of yacht sales and service then there’s one yacht management company you can rely on above all others in Florida – Siebert Yacht Management. We’re the authorized yacht dealer preferred by yacht shoppers who care about quality, value and integrity – not to mention competitive prices. Get more information by calling (561) 747-6499 today!

“We go the extra mile with every step we take to ensure our finished projects exceed client expectations – something the competition can’t match”

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