Good maintenance is indispensable to keep your yacht ship-shape. As a yacht owner, you should be doing regular checks, tweaks, repairs, and replacements as needed to keep your vessel running and prevent major damage or accidents. The bonus is this will also ensure that your yacht gives you years of good sailing.

Although a yacht is a complex machine, there is no reason for you to be overwhelmed by maintenance. Follow this simple yet comprehensive annual checklist, and you should have all your bases covered and stay sailing-fit for a long time to come:

  • Anchor Shackle:
    Check for rust and ensure that the mouse is still intact.
  • Battery:
    Check the water level.
  • Engine Belts:
    Check for wear-and-tear, and replace if necessary.
  • Fuel tank:
    Check for leaks, rust and/or contamination.
  • Ground plates:
    Check they’re secure and that the electrical connections are still intact.
  • Hoses:
    Check for cracks and leaks, and make sure they remain slack enough to compensate for vibration. Check that the clamps are rust-free and intact.
  • Hull:
    Book an annual haul-out for anti-fouling, zinc replacement and repainting.
  • Jackstay/Safety Line:
    Check for wear-and-tear.
  • Keel:
    Inspect for cracks/damage.
  • Life Raft:
    Check the maintenance schedule, make sure your raft is secure and accessible.
  • Lockers:
    Check that they close and lock.
  • Mast Boots:
    Check for leaks.
  • Outboard Motor:
    Check overall function.
  • Propellers:
    Check for bending, rust, and any debris that may have got stuck in the blades.
  • Quadrant:
    Check if it remains solid and functional.
  • Rigging:
    Inspect thoroughly from top to bottom.
  • Roller Furlers:
    Check that they run freely and grease as needed.
  • Rudder:
    Check that the turning motion is smooth.
  • Safety Equipment:
    Test function – check service date and inspect or refresh or replace as needed.
  • Sails:
    Check for wear and inspect the stitching.
  • Shafts and Seals:
    Check the alignment and inspect for leaks.
  • Steering:
    Check cabling and sheaves, as well as the emergency system.
  • Stuffing Box:
    Check for leaks.
  • Swage Fittings:
    Look for cracks.
  • Tide Tables:
    Check that you have the right ones for your location and/or destination, and that they are up to date.
  • Tracks and Cars:
    Check the smoothness of motion and function.
  • Winches:
    Oil as needed.
  • Wind Vane:
    Check that’s working properly.
  • Zincs:
    Replace every year or six months, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.

In addition to these general checks, always remember to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for your particular boat.

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