The term “running gear” refers to a boat’s propeller(s), shaft(s), strut(s), trim tabs, intakes (through-hulls), intake covers, transducer(s), knotmeter, keel cooler(s) (when applicable), grounding plate(s), and line cutter(s). With just a few barnacles on your boat’s running gear you might experience

  • vibration when the boat is in gear
  • black smoke coming from your exhaust
  • increased fuel consumption
  • “prop walk” or an inability to control the direction of your boats movement
  • lack of ability to draw water through your intakes

If these symptoms are ignored, or if a boats is run with heavy barnacle growth on the running gear it could result in much more serious problems such as: At Siebert Yacht Management we don’t just scrape propellers; we clean your boat’s running gear in an effort to restore your boat to its peak