Steering your yacht in the wide-open seas with hardly any obstruction or physical barriers to navigate around should be fun and liberating. And it is. But, the sheer size of the wide expanse of the ocean also means that without a capable marine GPS, you can easily lose your way.

In case of your boat running aground, or encountering rough seas that make navigation difficult, the right GPS can save your life, giving you location data with which to raise an SOS. But in a market where there are plenty of options, choosing the right GPS for your yacht can get confusing pretty fast. Below we offer tips on how to make your selection less confusing.

Tips on Choosing the Right Marine GPS for Your Yacht

What Is Your Primary Reason for Investing in a Marine GPS?

This is the most important question to ask as it will guide all other considerations for GPS selection. If you only need a GPS device that shows your latitudinal and longitudinal position as you sail, there is one for that. But if you want advanced security features, such as early collision warnings, you will have to invest in higher-end models.

Invest in the right Sized Boat GPS

This is a factor of your boat size, nature of boating, and length of your boating excursions. If you spend extended periods of time on the water either fishing or traveling, it is important to get a GPS with long battery life, or one with a cigarette lighter power cable with which to charge it. 

For people with poor eyesight, larger fixed or portable dashboard mountable GPS devices with larger screens are more appropriate. Also, consider the screen resolution, mono-chrome vs. color options as well as the ability to handle sunlight glare for their impact on screen readability.

What GPS Maps Do You Need?

The most basic marine GPS will not have any mapping data preloaded. But, there are models that come with marine maps preloaded, and even better ones with features for interchangeable map chips that allow access to navigational data for worldwide ocean and land areas. If you’re an avid boater who sails to many different destinations, the latter will be preferable.

Garmin GPS is the World Leader in Marine GPS Technology

As you narrow your search down to a few GPS options for your yacht, you will likely see that a few of those will be models made by Garmin. The brand markets several marine GPS systems that are marked for superior security features, build quality, waterproofness, and that integrate with modern smart devices. There is now even a Garmin marine smartwatch that integrates with the brand’s GPS models.

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