We love every aspect of yachts, from the hulls to the electronics and beyond. So, we tend to get very excited when new products are introduced to the market, especially when they take currently available maritime technology up a notch or two. When Intellian launched the v240MT satellite antenna system earlier this year, we were very interested to see how it would top the performance of the original v240, which the company launched in 2010. After having installed and tested a few of the systems, we are now in a position to tell you why it won the Satellite Technology of the Year Award in May 2019, and why you should have one installed on your vessel.

The v240MT is the world’s first-ever 2.4 meter tri-band and multi-orbit maritime VSAT antenna system. What this means is that the system is the first one ever equipped to switch effortlessly between three different satellite communication bands: 

  1. Ku, 
  2. Ka, and 
  3. C. 

It comes equipped with three different LNBs on a rotating arm, allowing you to access whichever band you wish – in seconds. This innovative design makes it much easier for you to switch back and forth between bands, orbits, and frequencies, meaning that you will spend no time out of comms.

The speed and efficiency of the system are augmented by a wealth of other features. These include:

  • The ability to mix and match frequencies and satellite types,
  • Fiber optic system interconnect,
  • Gyro-free satellite search capability without input from your compass,
  • Antenna and modem switch combined mediator,
  • Automated diagnostics,
  • Support for both extremely high and extremely low elevation angles, and
  • A global satellite library with a one-touch remote updating feature. 

Switching between satellites, LNBs, and frequencies cause unwanted delays in communications. Fast, consistent communication channels are important when you’re out at sea, and you really can’t afford to lose a single second. The v240MT has provided an extremely effective solution to this, which is why, if you need a new satellite system on your boat or an upgrade to your current one, we would strongly advise that you choose this award-winning product. Contact Siebert Yacht Services for more information on this and all Intellian maritime communications systems.