Technology is there to help enhance and streamline everyday experiences. The great news is that there are various pieces of technology that have been specially created for yacht owners that are sure to provide you with peace of mind and maximum enjoyment whenever you hop onboard. Below, we highlight three of the most advanced and sought-after yacht technology that every yacht owner needs to invest in. 


Garmin has masterminded a host of products and technology for yachts and other marine applications. The GPSMAP® 8624 integrates various sonar technologies as well as autopilot, connectivity, apps, engine data and multi-media. User data can be automatically synced for all networked 8400/8600 series chartplotters across multiple helms — everything you need is at your fingertips, all on 1 screen.


Intellian can equip your yacht with satellite TV so you can enjoy your favorite series and movies while at sea. It allows for both uninterrupted HD and SD TV viewing. There are currently three Intellian product ranges to choose from. The ranges are as follows:


The i-Series promises crystal clear HD or SD viewing at sea.


The s-Series offers simultaneous HD TV reception from three satellites. 


This series focuses on 3-axis WorldView satellite TV systems for larger yachts and commercial vessels. 

GOST Global

GOST stands for Global Ocean Security Technologies. The brand is celebrated for its extensive range of world-class quality wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrents, and cloaking systems. 

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