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Garmin GMR 24 xHD

Garmin GMR 24 xHDGarmin’s next-generation,   4 kW high-definition GMR 24 xHD dome radar with intuitive advanced open-array features is very easy to use. Intuitive operation makes modes and settings simple to understand so you can enjoy great performance without a lot of technical know-how. The GMR 24 xHD has a narrower beam width that paints a very precise, high-resolution image.

New Dynamic Auto Gain and Dynamic Sea Filter continually adjust to your surroundings, providing optimal performance in varying conditions. You can choose from multiple levels of  aggressiveness or use manual gain adjustment and dual-range operation, allows split-screen display of far and close radar views in full 8-bit color. The GMR 24 xHD has a range of 48   nautical miles.

Garmin quatix

Garmin-Quatix-watchDesigned for avid mariners of all types, from dingy racers and kayakers to big sail and power boaters, quatix is a high-sensitivity GPS navigator marine watch. It’s the only GPS-enabled device to provide an incredible range of marine navigation features, including automatic Man Over Board (MOB) detection, remote control of Garmin autopilots, and streaming NMEA 2000® data (GNT 10 required) to a navigating marine watch.

Highly accurate, it also includes sailing features never before combined into one watch, including race countdown timer, virtual starting line and tack assist. It is also equipped with an automatically calibrating altimeter and barometer, a three-axis compass, temperature sensor, and tides information. Plus it also shares data wirelessly with other compatible Garmin apps.

Garmin echoMAP 70dv

AWN-Garmin-echoMap-70dv-und-70s-255324_4The Garmin echoMAP    70dv combination chartplotter/sonar offers amazing features such as advanced HD-ID sonar and DownVu scanning sonar for a nearly photographic sonar view under your boat on a  7 inch touchscreen with pinch-to-zoom. Its  10Hz GPS /GLONASS receiver updates your position and heading 10 times per second to display fluid vessel movement and dramatically improve your ability to accurately mark and navigate to 5000 waypoints.  The 70dv also includes sonar-recording capability that coordinates the timing of the sonar return with your boat’s position and saves digital information on the map. The 70dv can wirelessly connect to Apple iPhone or iPad for Garmin Helm or BlueChart Mobile. Includes all-in-one  transducer  and  preloaded  Garmin LakeVu HD maps.

Garmin GPSMAP 1040xs

Garmin-GPSMAP1040xs-BThe 10 inch color Garmin GPSMAP 1040xs keyed chartplotter/sonar combo has  preloaded  BlueChart g2  and LakeVu  HD  maps.  It  includes advanced 77/200 kHz HD-ID and Garmin DownVu with a CHIRP-technology all-in-one transducer for a nearly photographic view under your boat. The 1040xs supports an optional 50/200 kHz transducer and is CHIRP compatible and also supports GCV 10 black box sonar, which adds both DownVu and Garmin SideVu scanning sonar with CHIRP technology (sold separately). Built-in 10 Hz GPS/GLONASS receiver updates your position and heading 10 times per second. The GPSMAP 1040xs can also wirelessly connect to Apple iPhone or iPad for Garmin Helm or BlueChart Mobile.

Garmin GHP 20 with SmartPump

Garmin GHP 20 with SmartPumpThe GHP 20 with SmartPump is the flagship autopilot for Garmin and unique to the marine industry. The GHP 20 is designed for hydraulically steered powerboats and also works with many steer-by-wire systems. It features a new smaller, brushless SmartPump that delivers better thermal performance, higher reliability, and lower power consumption. Because it is a brushless system, it is fail-safe and won’t execute a hard-over turn the way a brushed pump can. Intelligent rudder rate technology slows rudder rate at high speeds and quickens rudder rate at slow speeds. The GHP 20 fits most boats on the market and eliminates the need to purchase components separately.

Garmin AIS 600

Garmin_AIS 600This black box AIS transceiver allows you to receive AIS target data as well as transmit your own vessel information to other AIS receivers in your area. The AIS 600 has a built-in active splitter that allows the use of your existing VHF for easy installation. It also employs ClearTrack technology, ensuring there’s no interruption of AIS traffic position while the VHF radio is in use. In addition, the AIS integrates with a Garmin chartplotter and VHF radio via NMEA 2000®, giving you the ability to initiate a call to any MMSI (Maritime Mobile Service Identity) target directly from the chartplotter by selecting the Call With Radio function.